Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

What the Requests were from 2018

These have been the requests told to me at the door in the 2018 Election Campaign:

Roads to Fix with Asphalt Overlay or Complete Resurface:

  1. Wembly Place
  2. Carnaby St.
  3. Fleet St.
  4. Lancaster Dr. around the bend
  5. Woodside Dr.
  6. Newhall Dr.
  7. Meadowood Road
  8. Waverley Cr.

Future of the Speed Humps on Mona Drive:

  • Residents have asked if the number of speed humps on Mona Dr. could be reduced.  Emergency services have told me that there are too many in succession and it makes a ride on a stretcher very bouncy

The Streets Requested for Future Traffic Calming:

  • Woodbine Road West of Collins Bay Road
  • Hudson Drive between Mona and Lincoln
  • Old Colony Road bend
  • Carmil Blvd
  • Wise St. bend along the older road
  • Lincoln Drive – redo it between Bayridge to Truman

The 2 Streets Submitted for Analysis in 2018 were:

  1. Westbrook Road between Princess and Woodbine
  2. Chancery St.

The Ranking of the District Streets analyzed for Traffic Calming in the Past…

Only the top 6 streets go ahead for speed humps, road narrowing, or bollards.  Councillors submit two streets for analysis each year.  Streets can move up the ranking as the top streets get speed humps and fall off the list.  A street must have approx 1000 vehicles per day before being considered for implementation.  After being analysed in past years, the below streets have ranked as:

Rank #11 – Mona Drive (Taylor-Kidd to Hudson Drive)

Rank #18 – Prince Charles Drive

Rank #22 – Lincoln Drive

Rank #27 – Aylmer Cr. (Collins Bay Road to bottom of Clarke Cr.)

Rank #28 – Aylmer Cr. (Willis to Clarke)

Rank #37 – Waverley Cr. (Edwin St. to Aylmer Cr.)


  • I heard comments that the big buses are being used along the feeder routes and they are very empty.  The city should switch to smaller buses along the feeder routes
  • I heard comments that another local feeder route needs to be made to better access the far west end of the district
  • A park and ride is needed along Bayridge Drive for the 501/502 Express Bus.  It is my hope that Bayridge Park can be plowed during the winter and that cars can park at Bayridge Park for a Park and Ride as cars are allowed to park currently at Jim Beattie Park on Henderson Blvd.

Active Transportation:

  • The Active Transportation Master Plan states that future bike lanes need to be created along Taylor-Kidd Blvd, Upper Princess St., and Collins Bay Road
  • There should be a bridge built over High Gate Creek from Centre St. to Prince Charles Drive
  • A sidewalk needs to be built from Safari to Woodbine Road and along Taylor-Kidd Blvd from Collins Bay Road to Mona Drive.  There was a sidewalk planned for that stretch of Taylor-Kidd on the south side in the last 4 year infrastructure plan, but the drop off closer to Mona made it cost-prohibitive

Traffic Light Requests:

  • A traffic light (estimated $500K) is needed at Woodbine Road and Collins Bay Road.   A traffic circle was deemed too expensive in 2016; however, if a traffic circle is estimated to cost less than $500K, then I will propose a traffic circle instead.
  • Putting a traffic light at this corner should help drivers turn onto Collins Bay Road from Humberside Drive and also drivers from Safari Drive
  • There is also a request to do a new traffic analysis for traffic lights at Edwin/Prince Charles and Collins Bay Road

What to do with Bayridge Drive at Woodbine Road:

  • Drivers are continuing to have a difficult time turning left from Woodbine to go north on Bayridge Drive
  • Options to explore: Can the city close the right hand out of the Esso/Tim Hortons?  Can the city buy an easement across a business from Woodbine Road to Princess St.? Can a 3 way stop sign be added so that cars can freely travel south, but cars going north have a stop sign as does the Woodbine Road traffic?  This would be similar to the former Sears entrance to the Cataraqui Mall

Streets to discuss with the Kingston Police Force for more speed enforcement:

  1.  Coronation Blvd
  2. Collins Bay Road
  3. Outer Princess St. Highway #2 to Collins Bay Road
  4. Hudson Drive at Tacoma Cr.
  5. Taylor-Kidd Blvd from Mona to the outer city
  6. Bayridge Drive near Lincoln Drive

Have Water Pressure Tested for:

  1. Truman Drive
  2. Hudson Drive near Tacoma Cr.
  3. Tacoma Cr.
  4. Limestone Drive

Street Lights – stronger light bulbs or an additional light for:

  1. Westbrook Road and Woodbine Road
  2. Old Hillview Road at the very end
  3. Maple Ridge Drive in Elmwood
  4. Rick Hanson Cr.
  5. Meadowood Road