Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

District Updates:

December 2022

City Council is now sworn in and we just had our First Council meeting earlier this week.  There is lots to tell you.  First, thank you so very much for your support during the election.  It was truly appreciated and meant the world to me.  I’m so happy to be able to provide these updates again and a big welcome to the new residents who have joined my distribution list.   

  1. Issues at the Door this past Fall
  • Residents did not hold back with issues and I collected 284 of them!
  • Needed road repairs, traffic, illegal parking, and drainage problems really sum up the issues – Public Works, Engineering, and Transportation.
  • I have met with the Mayor, with the CAO and with the Commissioners.  I will be meeting with the Directors of Public Works, Engineering, and Transportation before Dec 23rd to review the issues in detail.
  • I will post as much information as possible about resolutions to the issues as I work my way through the list.
  • I will create a new tab on my website called “Resolution to Issues” and then I can post more details on the my website than through the email update. Stay tuned.   There are so many issues!
  1. Leaf Pick Up – put out the bags by 6am on  Dec 12th
  • The trucks have gone around at least once, as other routes freed up time.
  • Our pickup is scheduled for next week.
  • The pickup was late this year, purposely planned late because last fall in 2021, the maple trees hung on to their leaves until December.  When the truck came by in mid-November, many residents still had more bags to eventually put out.
  • We cannot predict Mother Nature.   This fall, the leaves were mostly dropped b mid-November.  I don’t know what week will be our pickup next fall!
  1. Bill 23 – deadlines are fast approaching to send comments
  • Many residents have asked me how they can send comments about Bill 23/what they can do
  • City staff wrote a very comprehensive report to City Council this week detailing the enormous consequences of the bill
  • The full report can be read at:
  • City of Kingston – City Council Agenda – Meeting 01-2023 – Report COU-23-020
  • There are several proposals with upcoming deadlines posted for comment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario website.
  • Below is the list of the proposals and if you click on each proposal, you can read the details of each proposal
  • Bill 23 has many parts such as the 4 proposed regulations below, which has added to the complexity of where and when to send comments. 
  • Deadlines have already passed to send comments on many other regulations in Bill 23.  The commenting period came and went so quickly.
  • These proposals are STILL OPEN for comment:
    • ERO 019-6141 – Proposed Changes to (December 9, 2022 at 11:59pm) 
    • ERO 019-6197 – Proposed Changes to Ontario Regulation 299/19: Additional Residential Units (December 9, 2022)
    • ERO-019-2927 – Proposed Updates to the regulation of development for the protection of people and property from natural hazards in Ontario (December 30, 2022)
    • ERO-019-6177 – Review of A Place to Grow Provincial Policy Statement (December 30, 2022)
    • ERO-019-6161 – Conserving Ontario’s Natural Heritage (specifically wetland offsetting) (December 30, 2022)
  • Please send comments to all or as many as you can.

Also, email our MPP at Queen’s Park – the Honourable Ted Hsu so that he knows your concerns.


  1. Transit on Bayridge Drive
  • I’ve been told that the Bus Stop on Bayridge Drive at Old Colony Road is at a dangerous location because when vehicles pass the bus, they are passing into oncoming traffic in the left hand turn lane.
  • The Transit Director agrees and next summer when Bayridge Drive undergoes construction for the new multi-use pathway system, the bus stop will be moved further south.   Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  • I have also been told that another dangerous Bus Stop is on Collins Bay Road at Aylmer Cr.  I will be talking to our Transit Director about this location as well. A new sidewalk is being built next summer.  I am hoping that this will be the ideal time to move that Bus Stop too.
  • Please make me aware of any other dangerous Bus Stops.
  1. Update on water, sewer project: Front Road and King Street West
  • Utilities Kingston is in the process of finalizing a contract with a construction company for the restoration of the roadway.
  • I have heard that Front Road can be back to 4 lanes by January 1st, but the website does not have that information and maybe I am wrong.
  • Updates will be posted to the Utilities Kingston website at
  • Thank you for your patience.  I am so sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Construction will resume in the 2023 construction season.
  1. Neptune Technology for replacing your Water Meter
  • There are so many scams out there right now; however, Utilities Kingston uses a company called Neptune Technology for water meter replacements and if you see a letter from Neptune saying it is time to replace your water meter, it is legitimate.
  • I thought for sure it was a scam, but it is not.
  • Many homes in Westwoods received such a letter this past fall.
  1. New Signalized Pedestrian Crossings coming to our district in 2023-24:
  • Remember that we have new signalized pedestrian crossings coming-
    • Dunham St. at the park pathway
    • Katherine Cr. at Woodbine Road
    • Lancaster at Newhall
    • Lancaster at Strand
    • Mona at Humberside
    • Mona at Lynwood/Dunham
    • Hudson Drive in front of Bayridge Public School
    • Hudson Drive at Hudson Park
    • Later in 2025-26, Collins Bay Road at Humberside/Safari Drive
  1. Dunham Park Playground Equipment Vandalism
  • It seems that some people are up to continued mischief in Westwoods.
  • From spray painting garage doors and cars with horrible racial language, stealing Ukrainian flags, breaking the little see-saws at Dunham Park….now the playground equipment has been spray painted with more horrible racial language. 
  • A work order has been submitted to remove the graffiti and the police will be notified.
  • New see-saws are also on order.  Due to the pandemic and the demand for outdoor play space and equipment, there is wide-spread supplier shortage and delay in getting the broken equipment replaced.
  1. Highgate Park
  • An accessible swing is on order for Highgate Park.
  • Again, due to wide-spread supplier shortage, the swing has been on order for a long time and the city may not get the swing until next spring/summer, but please know that it is on order.
  1. Indoor Racquet Sportsplex off of Highway #15
  • The Dome has gone up!
  • Tennis Clubs of Canada are now working on the inside.
  • They had some weather delays.
  • There is another new indoor facility – the Kingston Pickleball Club is already open in the west end.
  • They are located on 1150 Gardiners Rd (unit 1A) at Cataraqui Woods Drive.
  • You can buy guest passes to try the club out.
  1. Lemoine Point Update

South Parking Lot/Laneway

  • There have been many complaints about the “craters” in the roadway leading up to the South Parking lot.
  • A contractor this week has just completed pulverizing the south laneway and parking lot.  This has resulted in a granular surface, but one that can now be managed through grading as potholes develop. 
  • The previous surface of tar and chip hindered the conservation area’s ability to maintain a consistent surface. 

Shoreline Trail

  • Significant progress has been made at restoring access along the waterfront (particularly along the beach area). 
  • The conservation area has resurfaced the trail between the north washroom and the beach, a new trail was created at the beach that is further inland and connects to the shoreline trail that is south of the beach.  They also resurfaced the trail that connects from the beach area to the service road (it was a grassed surface previously).  These improvements have been resulted in positive comments as the new surface is accessible, whereas the beach area was more natural loose cobble.  The project will be carried into next year (2023) as there are still works to improve the shoreline trail that are within the approved budget ($60,000).

Other trail works

  • The conservation area also completed resurfacing of the service road from the area that we refer to as the flat rock (this is the area where we stockpile materials for trail works, and is located just south of where trail 2 crosses the service road).  This area was treated with 5/8 stone to raise sections that were low and wet (over the last year) and the final surface treatment of stone dust was recently put down. 
  • Did you know that the entire budget for Lemoine Point is under $200,000 per year? The city repays it to the CRCA.    For a conservation area as large as Lemoine Point (136 hectares!)  and one that is so heavily used, that is not a large budget.  Many hands make light work.  This spring, you can volunteer your time to become A Friend of Lemoine Point.  You can also help pay for the expenses of Lemoine Point by becoming a member which is $20 per year or $100 for a family.  Friends Lemoine (

12 ) New 4 Way Stop Sign at the bottom of Bayridge Drive & Front Road

  • I’m still not used to the new 4 way stop when coming home from the downtown, but the 4 way stop sign was badly needed and is now in place

13 ) City Waste Newsletter

14) Christmas Tree Pick Up

  • Although the city does not pick up Christmas trees, RE/MAX Finest Realty Agents will pick up your tree for a $20 donation to the Homes for Heroes Foundation in support of their Kingston housing project at the Providence Continuing Care grounds.
  • DATES: Dec 28 or Jan 3.
  • Contact to book your tree pick-up!
  • E-transfer only.
  • Please have your tree out front by 8:00a.m. on the pick-up date.

15) Business Support Office now open at City Hall

  • The city now has a point person to support businesses and business owners at all stages
  • Mark Nardi is the new Business Support Analyst
  • 613-546-4291 ext. 3000
  • or book a meeting online

16) Homelessness and Encampments in Kingston

  • The City currently has 187 shelter/transitional housing type spaces (69 pre-pandemic). These spaces have generally been at capacity most nights.
  • Staff are working on adding 87 shelter/transitional housing units by early January 2023. These include up to 46 spaces at the former Frontenac School (through a temporary lease), 12 spaces at St. Mary’s and 29 spaces at 805 Ridley Street.
  • It is estimated that there are about 60 to 70 people in the encampment around the Integrated Care Hub/Belle Park who will be offered space at these facilities.
  • It is important to note that staff cannot make people to use a shelter.  For various reasons, there are a good number of people each winter who choose to live outside rather than spend the night at a shelter.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Snow Much Fun – Snow Much Fun brings festive cheer to City Hall & Springer Market Square on December 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2022!

The event will feature a Holiday Market in Memorial Hall with entry fee by donation to Almost Home, a Silent Auction with proceeds to Almost Home, Wagon Rides, DJ Skate, Live Entertainment, Storytime with Mayor Paterson, refreshments, and snow much more!

For more information visit:

  1. All Aboard for the Holidays – On Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11 the PumpHouse will be transformed into a winter wonderland, where model trains travel through delightful seasonal settings and fun activities await discovery. During this family-favourite event visitors can enjoy the museum’s hands-on holiday activities and learn about trains from expert volunteers.
  1. It’s been a long wait…..ta-da………..

Waaban Crossing Official Opening On Dec 13, 2022, The City of Kingston will officially open the much anticipated Waaban Crossing. The official opening ceremony will begin at the Kingston East Community Centre starting at 1:00pm. At the conclusion of the speeches, attendees will be shuttled to the east landing of the Waaban Crossing to observe the ribbon cutting and the winners of the United Way auction taking the first trips across the bridge. The bridge will be open later that day for public use.

  1. If your Cat needs Spay/Neutering:

On Tuesday January 3rd 2023 from 10am-1pm, the Kingston Humane Society will be accepting applications for their Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.  $125 + HST.  It really is low cost.   They only accept 10 cats though.    613-546-1291.   The next date will be Feb 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, and June 6th

This concludes my update. Much more to come in 2023. 

Hoping your Holidays are full of Cheer and Wishing you a Bright New Year!!!  Lisa

October 2022

Take Your Pumpkins and Dry Leaves to Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre

  • Your Pumpkins, Bags of Dry Leaves, Fallen Nuts and Fallen Apples/Pears can be brought to Sandy Pines
  • They are open 8am-6pm seven days a week
  • They are located at 8749 Highway 2, just west of Napanee

Brush Collection in Collins-Bayridge = Area “E” on the map

  • Brush will be picked  Nov. 7 – 12th
  • Leaves will be picked up Dec 12 -16
  • The truck be back! Don’t panic if you see the truck picking up brush or leaves ahead of schedule. The city is just trying to get a jump on the season! The truck will be back to your neighbourhood during your scheduled week.
  • The leaves are being picked up later this year since we are a heavily treed district and the maple trees have been hanging onto their leaves later over the last few years, past the leaf collection week.  With leaf pick up now being in December, all of the trees should have dropped their leaves by then.

New Pedestrian Crossings Planned

Collins-Bayridge All Candidates Meeting – Tuesday October 11th at 7:30pm

I’ve accepted an invitation to an online All Candidates meeting, hosted by the Coalition of Communities. You must register for the free Zoom meeting so that zoom-bombing can be prevented. A link will be sent to you from Eventbrite just prior to the meeting. It’s an “Ask Me Anything” meeting. It will be moderated by Elaine Power, professor in Queen’s School of Kinesiology & Health Studies. It is open to anyone who wants to register and listen.

Car Break-ins/Property Theft in the Area

  • Almost every street I’ve canvassed on has reported car break-ins and property theft
  • Please keep your cars locked and do not keep any valuables in them
  • Lock your house each night
  • Don’t keep any valuables outside on the front lawn or front porch
  • Make a police report for any theft and keep safe!

Dunham Park

  • The culvert and pathway work is completed, at a cost of $320,000
  • Thank you for your patience!

Nine new Physicians are starting in Kingston

  • City Council has allocated $2 Million over 8 years into doctor recruitment
  • Nine new physicians have announced that they will start practise here
  • Queen’s Family Health Team (Dr. Tranmer, Dr. Braidwood, Dr. Haffey and Dr. Li)
  • Frontenac Doctors (Drs. Sproule and Dr. Spohn)
  • Maple Family Health Team (Dr. Lee and Dr. Badowski)
  • Kingston Family Health Team (Dr. Panosyan)

When will Centennial Drive be open, through to Gardiners Road?

  • In the approval process for the Cataraqui Estates Business Park, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) stipulated that the intersection of Centennial Drive and Gardiners Road must be upgraded prior to opening the extension of Centennial Drive (in the location you mention below). The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has approval authority given the proximity to Hwy 401. The design of the Centennial Drive and Gardiners Road intersection is underway and pending design completion and appropriate approvals the construction is anticipated to begin in 2023. 
  • Once the intersection work is completed, the City will be able to open this section of Centennial Drive that connects the Cataraqui Estates Business Park to Gardiners Road to vehicles.

Moving the Transit Bus Stop on Bayridge Drive at Old Colony further South

  • Residents have alerted staff that drivers are swerving around the bus stop on Bayridge Drive at Old Colony Road and driving into oncoming cars in the left turn lane of cars heading north
  • The bus stops at Bayridge Dr/Old Colony Rd will be relocated further from the intersection as part of the Bayridge Drive multi-use path project.
  • The bus stop will also be upgraded with larger transit stations including lighting, more seating, proper recycling/garbage receptacles, and bicycle parking areas.

OSPCA Mobile Van came to Kingston and fixed 48 cats! 

  • Over two days Sept 9-10th, the OSPCA brought their mobile van and fixed 48 cats for $95 each
  • Please get your cat spayed or neutered to help control the cat overpopulation

New Bus Route on Upper Princess to Woodhaven Drive – Route 19

  1. The new route (Route 19) started on September 6.
  2. The route map and schedule are now available on the City’s website:

New Community Safety Zone for the Westwoods Neighbourhood

  • In response to the School Pedestrian Safety Working Group, the speed limits in Westwoods have been reduced to 40 km/hour in effect right now.  This is a pilot project along with Strathcona Park
  • Lancaster Drive in front of the schools has been reduced to 30 km/hour
  • Next year, the same speed limit reduction will be applied to include all other school safety zones

Lancaster Drive Public School and Bayridge Public School have been under construction all summer    

  • Lancaster Drive Public School this summer has had playground and field improvements including new pathways, sitting areas, and an artificial turf play surface
  • Bayridge Public School has a new site entrance, student drop off areas, parking lot, and play yards.  The project included earthwork, pipework, paving, concrete, line painting and landscaping
  • The school boards are a bit behind, but hoping to have all work completed by Labour Day Weekend
  • There’s been a lot of noise and commotion due to the construction.  Thank you, all, for your patience.

Construction Work on King St. West/Front Road from Country Club Drive to the Invista Plant

  • There have been delays with the with the construction
  • The project details can be found here:
  • Four Lanes of Traffic will be restored as soon as possible
  • There is going to be an in-person information session on Monday, Sept. 26 at 5 p.m., to hear updates on the water and sewer project on Front Road and King Street West.
  • The information session will take place at the INVISTA Centre (1350 Gardiners Rd.), meeting rooms A/B. Utilities Kingston’s President and CEO, David Fell; Director of Utilities Engineering, Remi Adedapo; and Chris Phippen, Manager of Utilities Engineering, will provide project updates and answer questions from community members.
  • Utilities Kingston had started a large, phased, multi-year project to improve water and sewer infrastructure in the community, however the contractor encountered site conditions that they did not anticipate. As a result, the work has been temporarily halted. All parties are concerned and interested in finding a solution to restart work on the project.
  • Learn more about the information session.
  • The sensor for the traffic lights at the railway tracks/eastern plant exit/entrance had to ripped up with the road and as a result, the traffic light changes on a regular cycle instead of only changing if a car in the other direction appears.  Utilities Kingston is aware.  The cycling of the traffic light is contributing to the traffic delays.  However, it would be expensive to put the sensor back, only to then rip it up again when the construction resumes.   UK apologizes for the traffic delays
  • Bath Road is an alternative east-west route

Road and Sidewalk Repairs

  • Balmoral Park has been resurfaced with new drainage
  • Sidewalk design work is being finalized right now for Wise St.  Construction of the sidewalk has been COVID delayed, but it will be constructed in 2023. Sorry for the lengthy wait
  • Sidewalk design work is also being finalized right now for Collins Bay Road, west side, from Aylmer Cr. to Edwin St. with construction in 2023, also COViD delayed
  •  A sidewalk is planned for Princess St. from Woodhaven to the existing sidewalk to the east in front of Martin’s Storage Solutions

Bayridge Park

  • The city acknowledges that there has been pooling of water after heavy rains on particular spots on the tennis courts and pickleball courts since the courts opened in July
  • The city will be reviewing the spots with puddles with the contractor and any needed repairs will happen later this fall and early next spring
  • Bayridge Park is the home of Kingston’s first permanent pickleball courts – there are four of them!   Permanent means that there are permanent nets on site
  • Players must use a foam ball or quiet paddle to play pickleball there out of respect for noise
  • Please drop by and give pickleball a try!

If you want to report speeding cars to the Police or have other traffic complaints,

Red Light Camera Locations

  • As we drive around town, these are the 7 intersections with red light cameras;
  • County Road 2 and Princess Mary/Craftsman
  • Division and Concession
  • John Counter and Sir John A MacDonald
  • Johnson and Barrie
  • Perth and Unity
  • Princess and Bayridge
  • Princess and Centennial