City Councillor Lisa Osanic

Representing Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

Update Blog 2022

Update February 21, 2022:

  1. Lancaster Drive School Safety
  • My personal condolences to the Rivera Family for the tragic loss of their daughter, Xochitl.
  • A pedestrian school safety working group will be created made up of representatives from the school boards, parent councils, the city, the Kingston Police Force, the Kingston Coalition of Active Transportation and the Bus Transportation companies to bring back recommendations to City Council for pedestrian school safety issues across the city by June 2022.
  • There will also be a crossing guard put at Lancaster Drive and Limestone Drive and the job has been posted if you know anyone interested in applying.
  • City Crossing Guard Job Posting
  1. Woodbine Road West and Westbrook Road Residents – Enbridge Gas New Pipeline Project:
  1. Mona Lookout Park – Sledding Hill is closed
  • For safety reasons, we had to close the sledding hill at Mona Lookout Park.
  • It is too steep and dangerous and vehicles along Mona Drive are too numerous.
  • One year ago, a sled of children zipped across Mona Drive, hitting a vehicle parked on the opposite side of the road.
  • Luckily, the children were not injured and no vehicle was miraculously driving along Mona Drive at the time.
  • There is a sledding hill at Dunam Park on Lancaster Drive and also at Hudson Park on Hudson Drive, east of Bayridge Drive.
  1. New Proposed Development – 4085 Bath Road (Station St.) – to the immediate west of Collins Bay Public School
  • Public meeting will be held in April.  Stay tuned for the exact date.
  • I will post more details on my website.
  • The tree loss (loss of the edge of the significant woodland) is so unacceptable.

Number of existing trees proposed to be removed from the property: 550

Number of new trees proposed to be planted on the property: 130

  • Is anyone else just as upset as I am with this 420 net tree loss?  The trees to be removed include only those trees over 15 cm at chest height. That means that even MORE trees will be removed.   The developer does not have to count any tree smaller than 15 cm dbh.   This is a travesty.   The provincial government looks after the Planning Act.   Please remember this on June 2nd and ask each candidate what they will do to give better protection to Ontario’s trees.
  • Applications for a proposed official plan amendment and zoning by-law amendment have been submitted by Armitage Homes Limited for 4085, 4091 and 4097 Bath Road. The proposed development consists of a residential subdivision with 33 single unit dwellings, 138 stacked townhouse units, a park, a stormwater management facility and private roads. Access is proposed via Station Street. Private roads are proposed within the subdivision. The subject lands abut Collins Creek to the west. The protected heritage property known as “Bayview Farm” with its existing buildings located at 4085 Bath Road is proposed to be retained on an approximately 1.23 hectare parcel. A portion of the property at the rear of 4097 Bath Road is included in the subject applications, while the portion along the Bath Road frontage is excluded and will continue to contain an existing single unit dwelling. Overall, the subject lands are designated EPA and Residential in the Official Plan. 
  • Accela Citizen Access (
  1. Plan of Subdivision now completed for 655 Graceland Drive
  • Tree cutting will now begin at the Forest Hill Drive development.
  • It will be heart breaking to see the woodland taken down.
  • There will be replantings and forestry and planning staff worked directly with the developer to get as many trees replanted as possible.
  • I will post the exact details on my website.
  1. Property Taxes are due Feb 28th
  1. New Transit Route for those living on Princess St around Woodhaven Subdivision:
  1. Kingston Transit is seeking feedback on a new bus route connecting the Woodhaven neighbourhood to the broader transit network.
  2. Engagement on the new route is now open at Get Involved Kingston. Kingston Transit is asking neighbourhood residents and riders to review the route and provide feedback by March 1.
  3. Beginning at the Cataraqui Centre, the route will travel along Midland Avenue and Cataraqui Woods Drive before looping along Woodhaven Drive, Princess Street and Rosanna Avenue. The route will then travel out of the subdivision along Cataraqui Woods Dr. and Midland Ave.
  4. This new service level will provide transit seven days per week. With trips every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and every 60 minutes from 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. On Sundays and holidays, it would run every 60 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

View the new route and offer feedback by visiting Get Involved Kingston

  1. Red Light Camera Program – The red light camera program is scheduled to launch on March 1, 2022.
    • Red light cameras are an automated enforcement tool focused on improving driver behaviour to reduce red light running. Beginning March 1, cameras installed along the roadway will ticket vehicles that enter an intersection when the traffic signal is red.
    • The City will be issuing information to the public related to red light running and the red light cameras starting next week. Questions or concerns can be directed to the City’s customer service team ( and Transportation Services staff will respond directly.
    • More information on the program, including locations, how to pay tickets, FAQs, etc., can be found at
    • Intersections for the Red Light Cameras:
      1. County Road 2 and Princess Mary/Craftsman
      1. Division and Concession
      1. John Counter and Sir John A MacDonald
      1. Johnson and Barrie
      1. Perth and Unity
      1. Princess and Bayridge
      1. Princess and Centennial
  1.   Winter Parking Restrictions – The City will be testing a new approach to winter parking restrictions beginning March 1 of this year.
    1. This pilot project will be in place from March 2022 through March 2023 and will use a combination of weather-based and blanket bans depending on the month. A news release and webpage will be live as of February 22
    1. January and February: Blanket Ban in effect as we do now On-street parking is not permitted at all during the period: o 12:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. on the streets that surround Kingston General Hospital;

o 1:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. for all other streets.

  1. BUT in March and December: Weather-Based Ban in effect On-street parking will only be banned when required due to weather events. A weather event ban will be declared when:

o more than 5 cm of snow is forecasted; or

o freezing rain is forecasted; or

o at any other time as required to perform winter maintenance operations.

  • During a weather event ban, the same parking restrictions as the January-February blanket ban are in effect.
  • Once declared, the weather event ban will remain in effect until the City announces it has ended with road surfaces effectively cleared/treated and/or key snow removal operations concluded.
  • The City will use social media, website, email, and road signs to alert residents when a weather event ban is going to occur, with the announcement being released before 4:00 p.m., whenever possible.
  • Let’s hope we will not have any more snow in March this year!
  1. City Tree Sale begins March 1st
  1. Pothole Alert
    • Please send any pothole repairs to
    • It is pothole season.  The roads will be under significant strain in March due to the below normal temperatures against the spring thaw
    • I just did work orders today for: Edwin St. and Collins Bay Road
    • Edwin St. and Clark Cr.
    • 704 Aylmer Cr.
    • The centre line of Collins Bay Road near Fox Run Place
    • The centre line of Princess St. Highway 2 near Collins Creek Westbrook
    • Sycamore and Bath Road and Tamarac and Sycamore
  1. The City of Kingston is seeking submissions from local musicians, groups and organizations
  • …that would like to have their music featured as part of YGK Music 2022. YGK Music is an annual program that features 30 tracks created by local musicians made available for listening on the City website and call waiting system, Visit Kingston website, as well as SoundCloud. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on Friday, March 18.
  • The call for submissions, evaluation criteria and the application form can be found on the City website. YGK Music 2022 submissions will be evaluated by a Local Music Working Group consisting of volunteer members with music expertise in Kingston. Each musician, group, or organization featured will receive an honourarium of $150 for use of their selected track. The playlists are expected to go live in June 2022.
  1. City of Kingston Arts Fund Applications Now Open for 2022 – The City of Kingston Arts Fund (CKAF) provides grants to arts organizations and projects annually and is administered by the Kingston Arts Council (KAC) on behalf of the City. In 2022, the City’s investment is $580,431. Since CKAF was first established in 2007, the City has provided $7.4 million in grants to the local arts sector. Applications close April 13, 2022 and a jury will be responsible for reviewing and selecting the recipients in line with the Plan for Administration that is approved by Council every year. Application guidelines and forms can be found on the KAC website:
  1. Bayridge Park Tennis Court & Pickleball Court Redesign:
  • Prior to winter setting in, all the removals at the courts had occurred. 
  • The granulars and additional fills were imported and placed. 
  • In the spring, once the temperatures are suitable, they will be graded and the asphalt, fencing and acrylic surfacing will be installed.
  • Project completion is expected by summer.
  • A more accurate schedule will be available from the contractor in the spring.

Update January 9th, 2022:

Beginning in March 2022 red light cameras will be operating at seven intersections in Kingston. Cameras will be installed in late-fall of 2021; however, tickets will not be issued until the program starts in March 2022.

Red light camera locations

Red light cameras will be located at the following intersections:

  • County Road 2 and Princess Mary/Craftsman
  • Division and Concession
  • John Counter and Sir John A MacDonald
  • Johnson and Barrie
  • Perth and Unity
  • Princess and Bayridge
  • Princess and Centennial

For more information, go to the city’s webpage:

Child Care for Essential Workers in January 2022:

Emergency Childcare for School-Aged Children is a targeted service offered by the Ministry of Education to accommodate childcare needs during those times when students would normally be in school or attending a before and after school program – both of which have been closed under current Provincial health measures.

The program is for children born on or before Dec. 31, 2017, and who are registered and attending an elementary school. Priority access is given to children of parents/guardians who have been deemed essential workers by the Province.

Update – Booster over 50 DRIVE THRU this Saturday Dec 18th at St. Lawrence College parking lot. Register for your appointment

New CoVID Restrictions Dec 13th – Effective immediately until 11:59 a.m. Mon Dec 20, no hosting or attending indoor or outdoor social gatherings or an organized public event with more than five people (down from 10)                               

Update Dec 5th – The CN Railway Crossing at Collins Bay Road has been fixed and it is Smooth Sailing!!

If you want to report speeding cars to the Police or have other traffic complaints,

Update Dec 1st – Leaf Bag (if the trucks have NOT already come through) pick up is extended until Dec 10th. Keep your leaf bags out until Friday Dec 10th

Update November 28, 2021

  1. 2022 Budget Recap

The 2022 gross operating expenditures budget of $408.9M is offset by non-tax revenues of
$140.6M and payments in lieu of taxation from other levels of government (PILs) of $16.9M
requiring $251.4M to be raised by taxation. Of that amount, approximately 73% ($183M) of the
net tax requirement is for provision of services managed by the City corporation (internal) and
27% ($68M) is for services provided through external agencies and boards. The recommended
operating budget also reflects taxation revenue from assessment growth of 2.3% or $5.5M.

Projected net assessment growth of
2.3% contributes $5.5M, supplementary taxes contribute $3.5M and the remaining $242.4M
represents a tax rate increase of 1.4% plus 1% for capital purposes over 2021 levels.

Estimates for inflation are an important assumption in developing budget projections. The
impact of the pandemic and ongoing market recovery continues to impact supply chain and
other economic indicators. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Ontario was 4.4% at the end of
September 2021, however, based on affordability and market uncertainty, inflation assumptions
used in the budget estimates were closer to the range of 2.0% except in certain circumstances
where market analysis of specific expenditure categories provided for a more detailed
calculation. This will put pressure on budgets should CPI continue to rise.

Agencies and boards make up approximately 27% of the overall municipal operating budget net
tax requirement.

In 2020, Council approved the removal of the services managed by the County of Frontenac
from the municipal budget estimates. For 2021 and future years, the City’s share of these
services will be funded as a separate component on the City’s property tax billing, based on the
annual requisition received from the County. Therefore, these estimates are not included in the
2022 budget documentation.

Transit revenues have been budgeted at $5.5M, an increase of $700K over 2021 budget estimates. 2022 budgets represent approximately 62% of pre-pandemic levels. Budget projections have assumed a gradual return in ridership and related revenues by 2024.

In September 2022, there will be a new route through Woodhaven subdivision that will include upper Princess St. The exact route is being determined soon.

Sale of recycling materials and garbage bag tags are expected to increase by approximately $700K over 2021 estimates reflecting current market conditions and ongoing increase in demand. Please continue to recycle as much as possible.

Arts & culture revenues of $1.9M are increasing by $1.7M over 2021 bringing revenue
projections back to 80% of pre-pandemic levels. A return to theatre and other cultural
activities is expected over the next one to three years.

Recreation and Leisure revenues of $8.4M are increasing $3.1M or 58% over 2021
budget estimates bringing revenue projections back to approximately 95% of prepandemic
levels. Included in the 2022 projections are new revenues of approximately
$180K related to the opening of the new East End Community Centre.

Airport revenues are increasing 18% or $175K over 2021 budget. 2022 budgets are
approximately 60% of pre-pandemic levels as reduced activity is anticipated to continue
into 2022. New carriers are expected to transition in 2022 with a gradual return to a full
cost recovery over the 4-year forecast period.

Provincial Offences Act (POA) revenues, budgeted at $1.2M for 2022, represents a
reduction of $400K over 2021 estimates reflecting the impact of reduced ticket activity
and limited court operations during the pandemic. Budget projections also reflect a more
realistic level of revenues based on a review of historical activity over the last few years.

nvestment & bank interest is expected to increase by $200K or 20% over the 2021
expectations reflecting both cash flow requirements and current and anticipated market

Additional costs of $185K incorporated into the 2022 budget estimate to implement the
Red-Light Camera program.

Insurance premiums have increased by $585K or 17% over 2021 budget estimates.
There continues to be a limited number of insurance providers in the public sector market
and municipalities in other regions are seeing increases as high as 50%.

As part of the recommendations in the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, staff have
included funds in the 2022 capital budget to purchase outdoor fitness equipment for
select parks, one of which may be Bridle Path Park!

16 current bus stops, along the high usage routes like the express routes, will be replaced with larger bus shelters that will include enhanced lighting, bike racks, and garbage receptacles

The 2022 budget impact to a homeowner is $86 over 2021.

A frequent question to the city is concern over the sharp rise in housing prices throughout Kingston and how that will affect the property tax rate and MPAC assessments. The province has announced that a new MPAC assessment will not take effect until 2023. The province is thinking that any pandemic market increases to the housing market may be cooled off by 2023. Please note that a reassessment does not provide additional revenue to the municipality. The city is still only going to raise the amount of revenue approved by Council so when assessments increase the tax rate required to raise the approved, the amount of revenue would decrease.

On the city website, there is a link to a video by MPAC that gives an excellent explanation of the relationship between taxes and assessments.

Watch this three-minutes video created by MPAC that helps explain how property taxes are calculated. 

CN Crossing at Collins Bay Road – Tuesday Nov 30th onwards to Friday Dec 3rd, weather dependent, CN will be fixing the CN railway crossing tracks. Please use an alternate route.

Starting Wednesday, Dec. 1, parking is prohibited on all City streets from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. – and from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. on the streets that surround Kingston General Hospital. The overnight Winter Parking Bylaw ensures that vehicles are kept off streets so that snowplows can effectively respond to winter weather events.

Update November 18, 2021

Leaf collection vehicles will return to our area by December 3rd to collect additional leaf bags.Please have bags at the curb as vehicles can come at any time

Update November 16, 2021

Leaves are still coming down. Will the trucks come back to pick up more bags?

Organizing Brush and Leaf collection for the entire City is a time and resource intensive process that requires staff to set up collection dates well in advance of the collection to ensure that residents are informed of their collection dates. 

In years past, this collection timeframe has worked out well for the City, but with a general lack of stormy weather and warmer temperatures, many of the leaves have yet to fall as you noted. Unfortunately, the city cannot make last minutes adjustments to collection schedules due to limited resources (both staff and vehicle) when leaves don’t fall at normal times of year.

That being said, the city is planning to complete a sweep at the end of this years collection schedule (a couple of weeks from now) knowing that many residents are just now dealing with leaves falling. The city will additionally be looking at making adjustments to the schedule starting next year to better address the needs of residents disposing of their brush and leaves.

There are alternatives to curbside leaf collection though that you may want to consider as well. Lakeside Community Garden is accepting leaves, and the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (196 Lappan’s lane) is set up to receive leaves and brush year round.

Update November 7 2021

  • Leaf Week begins Monday Nov 8th
  • If you miss Leaf Week, you can bring bags of leaves to the Lakeside Community Garden at Centre 70 or to KARC
  • You can put out your used batteries at the curb on your garbage day this week
  • Thursday November 11th is Remembrance Day
  • Thursday’s garbage will be picked up on Friday and Friday’s, on Saturday
  • While there will be a Remembrance Day service downtown on King St. West,
  • There will NOT be a service at the Collins Bay Cenotaph this year
  • The Santa Claus Parade will be held on Saturday November 20th
  • The city is now taking applications for various Committees and Boards

Vote on the shortlist of names for the Third Crossing

Update Sept 18, 2021

  1. Queen’s Students
    • Many residents have contacted me and directly to the city about their concern for the behaviour of the Queen’s students
    • The city is tracking every ticket
    • This is last week’s summary and therefore, outdated for last weekend’s parties, but it gives you an idea.  Council gets the below summary every Friday night.
    • Administrative Monetary Penalty Update – Between August 28, 2020 and September 9, 2021 a total of 336 Administrative Monetary Penalty notices have been issued. Notices were issued for violations including amplified noise (261), failure to comply with an emergency order (42), yelling and shouting (23), nuisance party (5), obstructing an officer (4) and illegal dumping (1). A total of 11 individuals are being summoned to court for failure to comply with the Re-open Ontario Act (ROA) for hosting a social gathering exceeding 100 attendees outside. The minimum associated fine upon conviction is $10,000 per offender.
    • Enforcement staff are also investigating/pursuing charges related to an additional social gathering that occurred in the above timeframe that was in violation of the Re-open Ontario Act (ROA) for hosting a social gathering exceeding 100 attendees outside. A nuisance party was declared by Kingston Police in the University District on September 4, 2021.
    • The total value of the 336 notices is $135,568. As of September 9, 2021, $66,261 in fines have been paid. A total of 90 notices have been appealed to the Screening Officer.
  1. Bayridge Drive Pedestrian Crossing at Bayridge Park and also one on Taylor-Kidd at Pembridge Cr.
  • There is a change in the boulevard area at Bayridge Park for awareness.
  • Some of what is currently gravel between the Park driveways in the boulevard will be resurfaced with concrete
  • This is for safety reasons to keep the cars off the area to make the pedestrians more visible to vehicles

  1. Safe Routes to School Signs
    • You may have noticed new signs on the way to Lancaster Public School and Mother Teresa
    • This is the first phase of a Safe Routes to School program
    • The wayfinding signs are intended to encourage active travel to school
    • Each sign indicates how long it may take for students to walk, roll or cycle to school. It’s intended to encourage families who are driving to school to consider using active modes, and to positively reinforce those who are already walking, rolling or cycling.
    • Additional signs will be added in the neighbourhood in the future as routes are extended or established.
    • As well, a few ‘meet-up’ signs are also being installed along some of these routes as an initiative for the school to coordinate groups of students / families walking to school this coming school year (pending public health restrictions).
    • The City is also working with Mother Teresa to develop a series of ‘park and stride’ locations to provide families who need to drive to school with an opportunity to incorporate active travel (walking or rolling) into their school commute.
    • This is intended to encourage families who need to drive on a particular day to consider alternative locations outside of the pick-up/drop-off area directly in front of the school, with the intent of improving safety in this area and incorporating a level of active travel to school. The messaging includes reference to following existing parking regulations and being mindful of neighbouring residents.


  1. Avoid King St. West – on Monday September 20th
    • Expect delays on King St. West from Gardiner St. to Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd (in front of KP) all day between 6am – 3pm
    • There is a film shoot at the KP and the film crew is using the former Prison for Women site as their prep location
    • The road will be closed intermittently for 10 minute segments as the casts are shuttled back and forth across the road in their costumes
    • They are filming, Mayor of Kingstown, starring Jeremy Renner, is about the fictional McLusky family, a powerful family of prison operators in Kingstown, Michigan
    • The Memorial Centre is also being used for prepping
    • Very exciting for Kingston!
  1. Vaccination Receipts
    • If you are looking for where to find your vaccination receipt, please check the Vaccine Page to download your receipt

  1. Third Crossing Progress
    • Construction Progress – The team has made a lot of progress this summer. All of the concrete and steel girders for the bridge have now been installed! As we head into fall, the focus is on building the bridge deck. Once the partial depth concrete panels and reinforcing steel is placed, concrete is poured on top which creates the bridge deck. A couple of images below give some great pictures of the bridge building in progress.
    • <image010.png>
  1. KEDCO Starter Company Plus
  1. Kingston’s New Job Board – Possible Made Here
    • The Possible Made Here website raises awareness of Kingston, Ontario as a place to live and work.
    • It’s for employers and people looking for a new job.
    • The platform and approach for engaging with potential candidates can be tailored for profession-specific positions needed within Kingston.
  1. Downtown Kingston Promenade – Princess St. is closed (Division St. to Ontario St.) this Saturday September 18th 10am-5pm to stroll Princess St
  1. Keep current about ongoing events at
  1. Art After Dark is Back
  1. Taylor-Kidd from Collins Bay Road to Mona Drive has been paved for smooth driving!
  1. Homelessness Point in Time Count
  • United Way KFLA conducted a coordinated Point in Time (PiT) Homeless Count in urban Kingston as part of the nationally coordinated PiT count.
  • The final 2021 Point in Time Count (PiT) can be found below.
  1. Lost Dog in the West End – from our District, seems to be in the area of the Railway Tracks
  • This dog was with its owner, visiting Kingston from Toronto and she is very lost
  • She was a rescue dog and she is skittish
  • Her name is Cali and she is chocolate lab mix with a white belly
  • She seems to be following the Railway Tracks with sightings within our district and further east along the tracks
  • She has been lost all week now.  It’s not looking good
  • If you see her, please call her owner at 416-428-4802


  1. Lawn Sale in Support of Kendra’s Community Kitties  
  • Sunday Sept 19th 10am-4pm (no early birds)
  • 1985 Bur Brook Road
  • All proceeds towards the food and vet bills of Kingston’s many feral cat colonies
  • Donations of cat food appreciated
  1. Trunk sale Fundraiser In support of Lionhearts Inc. Food Distribution Program to the homeless
  • Come out to see ‘trunkloads’ of your neighbour’s valuables 
  • 736 Mona Dr 
  • Saturday September 18th and Saturday September 26th from 9am – 1pm (weather permitting)
  • There will be a variety of vendors & items including tools, handmade crafts, local artists and much more! 
  • Live music to entertain you while you shop 
  • Any questions? Contact Dee & Moe at 613-389-6540

Update August 19, 2021

The CN Rail Crossing on Collins Bay Road will get a temporary fix all day on Friday August 20th from 7am-6pm. Please use Bayridge Drive as an alternative.

Updates August 9, 2021

Micro-surfacing Taylor Kidd and also Bath Road – General Information:

  • The contractor will not have simultaneous daytime lane closures on Taylor Kidd Boulevard and Bath Road.
  • We are working with our contractor to accelerate the works where possible
  • The project specific details are accurate as of this morning and very much weather dependent.

Taylor Kidd Boulevard – Microsurfacing

  • Collins Bay Road to Mona Drive & Old Colony Road to Princess Street
    • Currently working daily between 8am and 4pm.
    • Starting August 15th work will be preformed nightly between 7pm and 7am.
    • Scheduled to be completed by August 24th

Bath Road – Microsurfacing

  • Bayridge Drive to Centennial Drive
    • Starting August 25th work will be performed nightly between 7pm and 7am
    • Scheduled to be completed by September 13th

Updates July 26th, 2021

KFL&A Public Health, COVID-19 Vaccine Update: – Over 80% of individuals 12 years of age and older have received their first dose and 62% of these individuals are fully vaccinated with two doses. Vaccination data is available on the COVID-19 Dashboard. KFL&A’s vaccination strategy will transition from large mass immunization clinics to focusing on smaller clinic venues, including pharmacy, mobile and primary care clinics. This new stage will include closing many of the larger mass immunization clinic sites. Here is a list of the first phase of planned closures of vaccine clinics in our region. • Vaccine clinic at Kingston Health Sciences Centre Burr Gym will close as of Aug 1. • Vaccine clinics at INVISTA Centre & Strathcona Paper Centre will close as of Aug 2. • Vaccine clinic at Kingston Community Health Centre will close as of Aug 13. KFL&A Public Health and Kingston Health Sciences Centre will notify all individuals who have scheduled vaccine appointments after these clinic closure dates and provide re-booking links and information for an earlier appointment date. There will still be plenty of clinic options to book a vaccine appointment by visiting KFL&A Public Health’s website.

Artillery Park reopens today July 26th. There will be Lane swims, Older Adult swims, Parent & Tot, Therapy swims, Family swims, Leisure swims. Registration is available at Swim lessons starts August 3rd at the Outdoor Aqua Park and Artillery Park.

Updates July 11th, 2021

Property Tax Bills due July 30th, 2021

CN will fix the Collins Bay Road CN Railway Crossing this fall 2021. CN will not give the exact month. Lodge your complaint by emailing

Outdoor Aqua Park – Swim lessons have had a successful first week of operation with a 96% fill rate and over 300 participants registered. Registration for August swim lessons will begin July 15th at noon. Currently, the Outdoor Aqua Park is providing over 100 hours a week of aquatic programming opportunities which includes a variety of times for swim lessons, lane swims, aquafit, adult open swim, family swim, parent and tot and leisure swims. The popular slide is now OPEN!

Implementation of a new Policy – City now Donates Old Computers to Non-Profits

To date 50 desktop and laptop computers have been distributed to 13 local organizations including Kingston Interval House, Martha’s Table, and Kingston Youth Shelter. All City data is wiped, and the equipment is restored to factory settings before distribution.

Implementation of the new Open Air Fire Permit from Kingston Fire

The response activity around open air fires has significantly decreased since the approval of the Corporate Policy and By-law on April 19th, 2021.
The policy and bylaw has created opportunities for enhanced community engagement and fire safety education versus the need for reactive enforcement and compliance measures. In 2021, the Open Air Fire Policy and Bylaw has reduced emergency responses to fire, smoke and other nuisances by 50.5% compared to 2020 response activity.

Streetlights are being upgraded at the following intersections: Bath Road and Days Road, Days Road and Henderson Drive, and Days Road and Front Road.

New Anti-Litter Program has been launched called Clean Neighbourhoods –