Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

My Platform for 2022-2026


  • Residents have requested many streets for traffic calming measures of some sort such as speed radar signs, being included as part of Community Safety Zones, future speed enforcement cameras as seen in the GTA and Ottawa, or even the use of stop signs
  • The eight new signalized pedestrian crossings planned for 2023-2024 in the district will improve the safety of pedestrians crossing our busy streets.
  • Residents have asked for better traffic flow on some of the major arteries

Road Resurfacing

  • Although the city has doubled the amount spent on roads from $3 million to $6 million a year since 2019, there are some residential roads where pothole filling is not keeping up with the wear and tear caused by traffic volumes.
  • The city tries to coordinate road resurfacing with water main relining work done by Utilities Kingston.  Water mains are usually relined after 40 years of age.  Some of our residential roads are wearing out quicker than that, at 35 years.   Road Cuts will have to be made to make the road last until the water main relining.
  • Mona Drive north of Taylor-Kidd, Woodside Drive, Waverley Cr., Holgate Cr., Hudson Drive near Mona Drive are examples of roads needing resurfacing or road cuts if they can’t be coordinated with Utilities Kingston for water main relining.

More Sidewalks/Pathways/Bike Lanes

  • The pandemic put sidewalk construction two years behind schedule.
  • Collins Bay Road will have a continuous sidewalk through to Princess St.
  • Taylor-Kidd needs a sidewalk from Collins Bay Road to Mona Drive
  • Princess St. needs a sidewalk from Collins Bay Road to Bayridge Drive
  • Construction of the Bayridge Drive dedicated bike/pedestrian pathway will start in 2023


  • Kingston needs more apartment rentals for low income to middle income earners to be able to afford the rent
  • There must be more affordable housing units in each apartment that is built.  The city’s Official Plan calls for 25%
  • The City did allocate $22.8 Million for 223 affordable housing units (at 80% of market rate as per the Canadian Mortgage &Housing Corporation) in 2019-2022
  • Smaller homes are needed to be built in Kingston so that they are more affordable.
  • There needs to be responsible development in appropriate areas
  • A Green Infrastructure policy needs to be implemented for new developments
  • The city just spent $60 million on the Waaban Crossing ($180 million including federal and provincial funding).  Future growth should be east of the Waaban Crossing

Protection of Greenspace

  • The significant woodland along Collins Creek needs to be protected as per the Provincial Policy Statement
  • A Biodiversity Plan and Pollinator Plan are needed for the city