Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

Plans for 2018-2022

Looking Ahead:  Plans for 2018-2022

Collins-Bayridge District Plans:

• Building additional sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, and resurfacing more local roads

• Adding an additional park ‘n’ ride for the Bayridge Drive Express Bus route and better connections to the far west

• Maintaining the Urban Growth Boundary at Collins Creek and protecting greenspace

City of Kingston Plans:
• Providing you with responsible government and affordable taxes

• Continued economic growth such as the success of drawing Frutlact and Feihe International to         Kingston

• Developing brownfields to generate additional tax revenue

• Expanding recreational activities through the Recreation Master Plan

• Work order follow-through until completion at the city’s contact centre