Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston


Significant work has been done in Collins-Bayridge.   The District Improvements over the last four years include:


  • Bayridge Park has had 3 new tennis courts reconstructed, 4 new permanent pickleball courts added (the first permanent courts in Kingston!) and the parking lot has been expanded.  Foam balls or quiet paddles must be used at the pickleball courts to minimize the noise
  • The culvert and pathway over Dunham Creek at Dunham Park has been reconstructed. The construction cost $320,000 by AWD Contractors
  • 459 trees planted in parks and on the streets in our district over 4 years

Active Transportation:

  • A new bus route (Route 19) is scheduled to start service on Outer Princess St. and Woodhaven subdivision on September 6.  The route is at
  • Jim Beattie Park opened as overflow parking and a new Park’N’Ride alternative to Centre 70 for the Bayridge Express 501/502 Bus with a large shelter, lighting, covered bike parking, and waste bins being built this fall 2022
  • A signalized Pedestrian Crossing has been built across Bayridge Park at Bayridge Park
  • A new sidewalk (city cost of $300,000/MTO paid the remainder) was built along Bath Road in Elmwood with paved shoulders for bikes
  • New sidewalks on Wise St.; Collins Bay Road-Edwin St. to Aylmer Cr.; Upper Collins Bay Road north of Woodbine Road, and Princess St. from Collins Bay Road to Bayridge Drive were COVID delayed, but are now in the design phase with construction scheduled for 2023
  • Bike lanes to be added to Upper Collins Bay Road north of Woodbine Road
  • A multi-use pathway on Bayridge Drive is being planned with construction in 2023

Roads and Traffic:

  • Taylor-Kidd Blvd and Bath Road were micro-surfaced across the whole west end
  • Watermains were relined on Fleet St., Wembly Place, and the Balmoral Park area using trenchless technology and then the streets were resurfaced
  • Clarke Road has had surface rehabilitation, drainage upgrades, and new culverts
  • Frost Drive and Carnaby St. were milled and paved
  • Parkland Drive had double surface treatment
  • Lincoln Drive had new asphalt from Forest Hill West to Hudson Drive
  • Lancaster Drive was fiber reinforced with asphalt overlay from Newhall to Milford Drive
  • The CN Railway Level Crossing at Collins Bay Road was rebuilt and CN removed its toppled over telegraph poles in our district along Bath Road