Lisa Osanic

City Councillor of Collins-Bayridge District

599 Rankin Cr. Kingston

District Improvements

Significant work has been done in Collins-Bayridge.  The District Improvements over the last four years include:


  • Collins Bay Boat Launch expanded
  • Woodbine 1 soccer field and 2 Diamonds upgraded
  • Playground equipment scheduled to be replaced at Bayridge Park in 2019; Lawrence Park replaced in 2016
  • Woodbine Park Splash Pad opened ($350,000) in 2016 and parking lot expansion, improved pedestrian safety, and volleyball court upgrades underway
  • Highgate Creek channel in Balmoral Park stabilized and joints sealed
  • 468 trees planted in parks and on the streets in our district over 4 years

Active Transportation:

  • Bus Stop along Bayridge Drive at Hudson Drive moved south to improve safety
  • 501/502 Express Bus along Bayridge Drive increased frequency to eight minute peak service and expanded hours
  • Bike Racks, cement bus pads, and litter/recycling depots added to several bus stops
  • Additional sidewalks built along Collins Bay Road; Bayridge Drive
  • Bike lanes, paved shoulders, sidewalks, and a multi-use pathway currently under construction on Bath Road

Roads and Traffic:

  • Traffic calming analysis submitted for Prince Charles Drive; Aylmer Cr.; Safari Drive; Mona Drive south of Taylor-Kidd; Chancery St; Westbrook Road south of Princess St.
  • Speed humps installed on Lancaster Drive and also on Hudson Drive near the elementary schools to slow traffic in the school zones
  • Stops signs installed on Milford & Lancaster Drive; Old Colony Road & Lancaster Drive; Hillside Drive & Highgate Park Drive
  • New traffic lights installed at Princess St. and Woodhaven Drive
  • Speed indicator installed on Bath Road
  • New Asphalt overlay on Old Colony Road
  • Street lights installed on Bath Road from the Bayridge Drive Overpass to Collins Bay